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Our Products & Services

We provide quality Timber Flooring and Installation Services to your home and business

Timber Flooring

Timber floor unlike most floor coverings, it comes from a natural resource that is sustainable,the hard surface of timber floor also helps avoid artificial substances such as pesticides that can accumulate on some floor coverings. Give us a call on (02 )9417 2888 to get free Expert Advise, we will give you the best solution and a free quote.

Lots of Choices

At Lucky Timber Floor, we have a wide range of Solid Timber Floor and Floating Floor to suite your home renovation needs. You can choose from Australia Solid Timber Floor, Parquetry Floor, Pre-Finish Solid Timber floor, Engineer Floor, Laminate Floor, and Bamboo Floor. Whatever you need, we have a solution for you.

Installation Services

Lucky Floor and Tile provides all types of floor supply to suite your home and office needs. We also do floor installation, sanding, polish and stain.
From budget need to luxury designs, we have a solution for you. Give us a call on (02 )9417 2888 to get free Expert Advise, we will give you the best solution and a free quote.

About Us

About Us

Lucky Timber Flooring locates at 335 Penshurst St, Willoughby NSW 2068, we provide all types of Timber Flooring and Installation Services to suite your home or office need. From budget need to luxury designs, we have a solution for you. Give us a call on (02 )9417 2888 to get free Expert Advise, we will give you the best solution and a free quote.


Lucky Timber Flooring expert choose quality flooring products for your home and office renovation
Australia Solid Timber Floor
Australia Solid Timber Floor
Excellent value for money, Easy to clean
Lots of Choices
Lots of Choices
Long lasting, Healthy and Less Maintenance
Natural Timber Flooring
Natural Timber Flooring
Enormous range of colours and textures

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Latest Products

  • Bamboo Floor

    The Benefits of Natural Bamboo Flooring Ecologically Friendly: Bamboo is made from natural vegetation. The bamboo plant is a highly renewable resource that is able to grow to maturity in as little as three to five years. This is much faster than hardwood trees which can take upwards of twenty years or more to reach […]

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    Laminate Floor

    Even though wood floorings have been around for a long time, their beauty has only just begun to be appreciated by people. One kind of engineered wood flooring that is becoming quite liked by everyone is laminate flooring. Though not made of real wood, this type of flooring is appreciated by many because it offers […]

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  • Engineer Floor

    The most well known and leading advantage that a high quality engineered wood flooring has over any solid wood floor, is its stability. Thanks to the way in which our boards are structured, with a hardwood multiply core, they are far less prone to movement. Traditional solid wood flooring is a completely natural product that […]

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    Pre-finish Solid Timber Floor

    Prefinished floors are unlike traditional raw hardwood floors, there is no sanding, no polishing and no coating required on site. Hardwood’s rich character never goes out of style and is the perfect combination of practicality and elegance when it comes to home improvement. Lucky Floor and Tile offer a variety of top quality Pre-finish Solid […]

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  • Parquetry Floor

    Reasons to Opt for Parquet Flooring The Flooring’s Aesthetic Appeal The top reason behind people choosing wood parquet flooring is that it has a very unique blend of warmth and design. This sort of wood has proven to give a very nice and elegant visual effect that can catch the eye of many of your […]

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    Australia Solid Timber Floor

    WHY CHOOSE Australia solid wood timber flooring? Australia solid wood timber flooring can help increase the overall value of your home. Universal appeal Easy care, low maintenance, wipe and clean with ease. Timber floors maintain their appeal, as they age they gain more personality and can be re sanded to give a new floor look, […]

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