Australia Solid Timber Floor

WHY CHOOSE Australia solid wood timber flooring?

  • Australia solid wood timber flooring can help increase the overall value of your home.
  • Universal appeal
  • Easy care, low maintenance, wipe and clean with ease.
  • Timber floors maintain their appeal, as they age they gain more personality and can be re sanded to give a new floor look, other flooring products like carpet can wear poorly, rip, fade and come apart. Tiles are difficult to live with due to their hardness and lack of warmth.
  • Dust, dirt or mites, and other contaminates are not present in solid wood timber flooring resulting in a much Healthier product. Safer for families and allergy/asthma sufferers
  • Super versatile, can be laid in a multitude of areas in your home,Wet areas like Bathrooms, laundries, Bedrooms and Kitchens. Unlike laminated flooring which can no longer be applied in wet ares due to its delaminating characteristics.
  • Australia solid wood timber flooring looks great in such a mulitude of applications, commerical, home, office, Holiday home, bach etc etc

Lucky Timber Floor - hardwood

“solid wood timber flooring is product that will never go out of fashion, it has some incredibly appealing styles and looks, coupled performance, durability, and eco characteristics”

Heat efficient, solid wood floor retains warmth and keeps draught at bay, a solid investment for keeping down costs of heating and cooling your home. If you have a family you’ll sleep well knowing you’re doing the best thing you can to prevent asthma and allergies developing.

Extended life, even though timber is supposed to gain the character of it’s environment with age, if you want a brand new floor in 20 years, there’ll be no grounding off tiles or lifting carpet – a simple re-sand will do the trick.

Australia solid wood timber flooring has been popular for hundreds of years – and now with people being more and more eco-conscious – it’s only ever gaining popularity. Timber is more energy efficient than other surfaces – using less energy and green house gases in it’s production and it is a renewable resource