Parquetry Floor

Reasons to Opt for Parquet Flooring

The Flooring’s Aesthetic Appeal

Lucky Floor and Tile parquet-hardwood-flooringThe top reason behind people choosing wood parquet flooring is that it has a very unique blend of warmth and design. This sort of wood has proven to give a very nice and elegant visual effect that can catch the eye of many of your guests.

Parquet flooring is available in many different patterns, designs and colors therefore giving you the ability to choose the wood that suits you the best. For instance, depending on your preference, you can either go for a mosaic design or a herringbone as these are the top most sold designs in parquet flooring.

Wood Parquet’s Durability

In addition to uniqueness and versatility in design, this type of flooring will ensure that you don’t have to worry about replacing the floor every now and then because it is extremely durable. In fact, with the right maintenance, you can expect your wood flooring to last you for decades. Now some may point out that wood parquet flooring wasn’t this durable at first, the modern day technology helps the wood stay strong and durable for much longer.

Flooring Panels’ Affordability

Another reason for going for parquet flooring would be its price tag. When compared to other types of wood that offer the same amount of durability and variety, parquet wood is less expensive and so it is affordable for an average earner.

Because this wood is so affordable and stylish, you can easily install its panels across the house instead of just the living or dining room. This means that parquet wood won’t just be able to accentuate the look of your guest rooms but that of your overall home.

Ease of Maintenance

For those of you who have carpeting at home or the office, you know that cleaning and maintenance can be quite nerve-wracking. Parquet wood will help you save your sanity as it only requires weekly cleanup to remove the dust and dirt. In addition, spills will never be an issue because all you need to clean them up is a wet cloth or a mop. These aside, you get all of these at a good cost that is less than that of marble flooring.

You can get these benefits of parquet floors if you install panels of the best quality. Therefore, you need to be selective of the contractors procuring and installing your parquet flooring. Doing a little research will help save both your money and your floors, so don’t skimp on this aspect.