Engineer Floor

Lucky Floor and tile Engineered-Wood-FloorThe most well known and leading advantage that a high quality engineered wood flooring has over any solid wood floor, is its stability.

Thanks to the way in which our boards are structured, with a hardwood multiply core, they are far less prone to movement.

Traditional solid wood flooring is a completely natural product that reacts to varying moisture and humidity levels. Timber is a semi-porous material that is prone to swelling and shrinking, most commonly across its width. This can result in either gaps between boards or even the floor buckling if out swells its expansion gap.

Engineered oak flooring is the most stable type of wood flooring and the chances of getting any serious movement are minimal. Because of this, it means it can be laid into environments that traditional solid wood floors would not be able to cope with. Conservatories, kitchens, bathrooms and floors with underfloor heating are all areas where solid oak would not be advised.